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How to Tame Animals in Minecraft

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How to tame animals in Minecraft

There are several species and breeds of animals that you can tame in Minecraft that are both good company and very useful. Most animals won’t trust you right away, so you need to learn how to tame them. Different animals have different items that gain their trust.

How to tame a cat

Cats in Minecraft love fish, but they are scared easily. You need to get close (but not too close) to a cat while holding raw salmon or raw cod and then stand still. If you’re close enough and not moving the cat will eventually lock onto you and slowly move towards you. Once it is in range you can right click the cat (the place block button) to feed it. Once you see hearts, the cat is yours! It will now have a collar as well!

How to tame a dog (or wolf)

If you hold meat by a wolf it will turn its head and become very interested in you. You can feed them that meat but it will not tame them! You must tame them with a bone. It is the same process as taming a cat, but dogs usually won’t run away. If you see black particles it means the dog wasn’t satisfied with your gift and you need to give him more bones! Eventually the god will emit hearts and sit down for you. Again, the now tamed dog will also have a collar. You can make the dog follow you by making him stand with with the place block button. Use that button on a dog or cat again and they will sit and stay put until you release them from their sit.

How to tame a parrot

Parrots are found in Jungle biomes. They love seeds just like their fellow Minecraft birds. You need to feed a parrot seeds until it shows hearts and you can make a parrot sit and stay just like a dog or cat. Once a parrot is tamed you can stand near it and it will land on your shoulder. It will stay on your shoulder until you jump or crouch!

How to tame a horse (and donkey and mule) in Minecraft

Horses, donkeys and mules are all tamed the same way. If you right click one of these animals you will temporarily jump on its back and ride it. It may buck you off and emit black particles, which means it didn’t like you riding it. Keep hopping on and eventually it will emit hearts and won’t buck you off anymore! You will won’t be able to control your new companion, however. You will need a saddle to actually ride it.

How to tame a llama in Minecraft

Taming a llama is the exact same as taming a horse or donkey or mule! You can hop on one until it shows its love for you and then will become your new best friend!

Taming an animal in Minecraft is easy once you know how. You just need the right item and strategy, and sometimes a little patience. Your animal friends will be great company to you and help you in your adventures! Now that you have new friends, check out this guide on how to tame foxes and maybe some new house ideas to keep you and your new pals!

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