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How to guide – adding stream end credits for free!

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Are you looking to build hype towards the end of a stream for a raid or looking for a way to thank all the participants (new followers, chatters etc) with a bit of hollywood end credits style?

Well with stream credits you can do both! You can setup and customise an end credits widget by using Mix it Up and OBS and be up and running in less than 10 minutes

You will need the following:

Step 1: Setup and make sure the Mix it Up Overlay is working

Once logged into Mix it Up – main menu -> Services -> Overlay and make a note of the localhost url

Add this as a browser source in OBS – using the url provided in Mix it up, setting a scale of 1920 x 1080 and making sure “refresh browser” checkbox is ticked.

Press the “Connect” button in Mix it up to test it’s working, you should see a success notification and a red success message displayed in your OBS scene.

Step 2: Create the Overlay Widget for Stream Credits

Returning to Mix it Up – head to the overlay widgets section – select “End Credits” type and click ok to create a new widget.

This opens your brand new credits widget. From this screen you can change the default text stylings and add a section for each category you would like to show in your credits, for example New Followers, Raids, Donations etc.

Each section can be customised specifically, so you can override the title and add in-line styling if you would like to. Custom sections can also be added via “Free Form HTML”, which could be used for schedule information or social promotion. Once you’re happy with all the sections, click save and use the radio toggle button to activate the widget.

Step 3: Create a credits scene in OBS

Switching back to OBS, simply create a new credits scene which just contains the Mix it Up overlay. Soon as you switch to this scene, either manually, with a shortcut key or streamdeck trigger – the credits will automatically start playing.

Customise to your heart’s content and enjoy the credits!

Author Martocodo
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