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RL Craft

RLCraft, the RL standing for Real Life or Realism, is my interpretation of what I've always wanted in Minecraft when it comes to pure survival, adventuring and RPG, and immersion - Shivaxi


Best Weapons in RLCraft

Ever wondered what the best weapons in RLCraft are? Well keep reading to find out! The RLCraft modpack adds many new things to the game, including a whole host of new weapons. Many of these aren’t that good (Nunchaku I’m looking at you -_- ) but there are several new additions that … Continue reading →


Best Armor Enchantments in RLCraft

Let’s learn the best armor enchantments you can get in RLCraft. This Minecraft modpack has a lot to offer in terms of new content and there are quite a few things that can help you on your way to becoming OP in RLCraft. Some very good armor sets are available but it’s … Continue reading →


How To Get Golem Armor in RLCraft

There are several new armor sets in RLCraft but the strongest and most complicated to get is the Golem Armor. You can’t simply craft Golem Armor with a specific resource and recipe. Instead, each piece of Golem Armor can be crafted with nine entirely random items and the recipe is randomly generated … Continue reading →


How To Drink in RLCraft

The RL in RLCraft stands for Real Life or Realism. One of the many differences between vanilla Minecraft and RLCraft is that there is a thirst bar and you have to manage your thirst level as well as your hunger. Becoming dehydrated at the wrong time can be… problematic. When your thirst … Continue reading →


RLCraft Zero to Hero (EP1)

Learn how go from Zero to Hero in our RLCraft guide series. We show you, step by step how to become an absolute boss in RLCraft. RLCraft Spawning Sometimes in RLCraft you will spawn and die instantly. There isn’t much you can do about this, except for dying and respawning until you … Continue reading →


RL Craft Quick Tip Tutorial Guide (Part 2)

RL Craft Quick Tip Tutorial Guide (Part 2) has 5 hints to help you survive this harsh modpack. Tip 1 – How to Stay Warm #1 =========================== In …


RLCraft Guide and Tips – OP Items (Part 2)

RLCraft is known for its challenging gameplay, and thanks to the addition of the Lycanites Mod, its fierce mobs. However, it’s not all doom and gloom, RLCraft and the Lycanites Mobs mod offers the ability for players to build OP Items such as weapons and mining equipment that makes the game a … Continue reading →


RL Craft – How to make OP gear (Part 1)

RLCraft, How to make OP gear (Part 1). A look at some of the coolest OP gear and weapons in RLCraft. In this, the first video of this mini-series, we look at the …


RLCraft Taming Monsters

Taming monsters in RLCraft can be really beneficial, as many of them can be used as mounts and have special abilities. In particular the ROC is a great addition to your tamed animals. It can pick up monsters, players and even villagers! You can also tame dragons in RLCraft, but they are … Continue reading →


RL Craft MEATS (Battle Strategy P1)

In this RL Craft meats guide I show you how to level up your battle strategy with this simple yet very effective technique. Eat more meats! Meat in RLCraft has …

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