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Apex Legends

Apex Legends is a classic battle royale shooter, with different skills per character. Play as the resistant Gibraltar or the sneaky Wraith!


Duos with Dad | First Victory Royale of Chapter 2 Two Season Two

I used to play Fortnite waaay more but I can still say that I have a win in every season since day one. In this video we get our first victory royale of chapter two season two. These days I just play for the lols and don’t take it too seriously. Mostly … Continue reading →


Dynamic Duo: 2 Man Squad Takes the Win! | Apex Legends

We’re one man down before the battle even starts. The odds are against us but it doesn’t matter. Such things don’t stop us from clutching an Apex Legends win. Successful Geezer and I (SomeNutzGuy) are the dynamic duo. Our communications are on point. Our aim is… kind of on point. We position … Continue reading →

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