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Minecraft House Ideas

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Sometimes thinking of Minecraft house ideas can be challenging, but all it takes is a little inspiration. A great way to find new ideas is to google image search pictures of your favorite places or unique build styles. For example, search your favorite movie or building from history. Recreating buildings in Minecraft from a picture is an awesome way to practice and come up with unique builds! Here are some ideas to help inspire you:

Japanese Style House Ideas

Japanese style architecture is made from wood. They are usually elevated off the ground with tiled roofs. Exterior decoration such as bamboo, banners, and flowers are excellent blocks to use to capture the iconic Japanese style. They usually feature simple interior designs. Less is more in these types of builds!

Cottage Houses

Cottage or cabin builds are small in scale and made from wood. Rustic features mixing in some cobblestone and iron bars can look great here too. Fireplaces of brick or cobblestone with a campfire always create a cozy atmosphere. In the linked video I even used composters to give a unique texture to the wooden walls.

Medieval House Ideas

Medieval houses have timber frames with stucco-like walls, whereas castles use stone. For homes or shops use white concrete or white terracotta walls with wood framing. Use lanterns or torches for lighting. Armor stands look awesome in these builds! Stone materials also look fantastic for fortified medieval bases.

Building A House from Materials

If all else fails or you cannot decide where to start, choose some interesting blocks you like and see what you can make with them. For example, I wanted to build a potion shop and thought a witch might like to live in something with nether wood and as a result I built this potion shop!

Use your imagination and get creative. As you go through your day think about how the things you see could become Minecraft house ideas. Here are some great tutorials on Light Fixture Designs and Bathroom Decoration for the interior of your Minecraft house ideas!

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