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5 REALLY COOL Things You Need to Know About the Minecraft 1.17 Update

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Hello Minecraft Maniacs, it’s The Frog Queen here and I want to fill you in on 10 of the coolest things from the new Minecraft 1.17 Update! I’ve collected a lot of this info from Mojang and some amazing Youtubers who have put out some great videos on the subject! Big shoutout to the amazing SLICEDLIME who is a fabulous resource for all things relating to the Minecraft Updates. So here’s the list:

  1. You don’t have to start a completely new world to get the new blocks!  Are you one of those people who dreads updates because the idea of abandoning your world and starting a new one causes you to convulse?! Don’t worry, you can update to 1.17 even with a world that’s been greatly explored, and STILL get the new blocks! Creating a new Mason Villager and unlocking Journeyman level trades will give you the possibility to buy Deeplate and Dripstone Blocks! Wandering Traders are also set to sell you some of the new blocks in Minecraft like Moss, Pointed Dripstone which can be farmed easily to make more! By putting Pointed Dripstone attached underneath a Dripstone Block with a water source above it, then place a dripstone block anywhere underneath that within 10 blocks and slowly the hanging dripstone point will begin to grow towards the point on the ground creating more Pointed Dripstone once mined. While moss can be created easily by placing it next to nearly any other stone or grass block (even mycelium, although why would you wanna convert mycelium to any other block?) and using bone meal on it! This will then also create the new azalea bushes and more!!
  2. You can make things glow!!!  With glow ink sacs from the all new Glow Squid, you can make Glowing Item Frames! You can find Glow Squid spawning in completely dark water in caves!
  3. You can now mine Copper!  Copper generates in the overworld like Iron and Coal. You can find it anywhere in the world from height 0 to 96! According to Mojang Developer SlicedLime, they will be most abundant at height 48. You can smelt raw copper into copper ingots that can be then used to craft copper blocks which can then be turned into Cut Copper! The copper can then turn more and more green as it oxidizes after being placed in the world. Want to keep that new copper look? Simple combine the block with a Honey Comb and then you have Waxed Copper which will not oxidize! As a delightful little treat, you can now obtain Copper ingots by killing Drowned!  This copper drop replaces the gold drop they sometimes have.
  4. Mining Ore blocks with an axe gives you Raw Iron, Raw Gold or Raw Copper which can be crafted to make Raw Ore Blocks that are totally new!!
  5. You can now craft a Spyglass which allows you to see very far in the distance! Is it better than Optifine?! Try it out and let me know what you think? You can craft the Spyglass by combining 2 Copper Ingots with 1 Amethyst Shard!

There are sooo many more amazing things in the new update but these are just some of my personal favorite really cool little pieces of info! 🙂 Check out my video about some of the new blocks from the Caves portion of the update!

Author thefrogqueen
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