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mcMMO Alchemy Guide

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Minecraft: 1.16.5 mcMMO Alchemy Leveling Guide

mcMMO Alchemy Basics

mcMMO Alchemy is the skill based on brewing potions, it is leveled through the process of creating or modifying potions with a brew stand.

Each step of in the brewing process will reward you more xp than the last which is why using gunpowder to turn a health potion II (a tier 3 potion) into a splash potion will reward you the highest amount of xp.

The first step in the brew process of converting water bottle to awkward potion, will reward 15xp and each consecutive step will be worth double xp of previous step.  Make the fourth and final step of turning potions into splash potions worth a whopping 120 xp per bottle brewed!

Benefits to leveling Alchemy

The benefits of leveling Alchemy are the passive skill called ‘Catalysis’ to speed up the brewing process as well as unlocking access to certain concoctions unique to mcMMO.

Unlike the other stats in mcMMO alchemy doesn’t have a super ability or any subskills to mention but it does have ‘Concoctions.’


Concoctions are new recipes for Alchemy that are unique to mcMMO and are unlocked at various different levels. These are the 10 concoctions:

Potion Name

Potion Effect


Level Requirement


Potion of HasteHasteCarrot125Increase Mining Speed
Potion of AbsorptionAbsorptionNether Quartz250Applies 2 extra hearts to your HP similar to a golden apple
Potion of LeapingJump BoostRed Mushroom250Increase Jump Height
Potion of Health BoostHealth BoostApple350Applies 2 refillable hearts to your HP bar
Potion of HungerHungerRotten Flesh350Hunger depletes faster
Potion of NauseaNauseaBrown Mushroom500Make affected user’s vision blurry
Potion of BlindnessRestricts VisionInc Sac500Decreases affected user’s visibility
Potion of SaturationSaturationFern750Fills user’s hunger bar
Potion of DecayWitherPoisonous Potato900Damage over time effect
Potion of ResistanceResistanceGolden Apple100020% damage reduction

Easiest ways to level mcMMO Alchemy

mcMMO Alchemy is without a doubt the hardest skill to level up. It can’t be fully automated it and it requires a lot of materials to brew the potions necessary to gain xp. Which is why I suggest having a good source of glass and a mobfarm for gunpowder before looking to level it up to a 1000. The reason gunpowder is important is, turning brews into splash potions will reward the most XP (120 xp per brewed potion) which is why building a mob farm first is crucial to leveling up alchemy!

Next tip is Sugar!! Speed potions are your friend while leveling alchemy since it’s easy to get sugar in abundance. You’ll want to make sure you have plenty of glass on hand since turning the potions into splash potions gives you the most xp but also renders the bottle non-recyclable.

Since mcMMO requires you to put in the ingredients manually to gain xp, the only process you can automate is the loading and unloading of the water bottles. You can do this by putting a hopper and dropper mechanism on top and below the brew stand to speed up the process a bit. You will still have to manually fill bottles with water and put them in a chest up top before starting a xp grind session.

The best way to speed up the LONG grind process that comes with leveling Alchemy by utilizing the ‘XP Share’ mechanic tied into mcMMO party system. This will allow you and you friends to level up much quicker since you can both operate separate brew stations at the same time.


If you want to level Alchemy make you are are prepared with farms for the materials you’ll need to use while grinding.  Make a semi-automatic grinder and invite some friend over for an XP party to further increase the speed of leveling.  Best of luck to anyone on the road to 1000 levels in Alchemy!

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