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Add stream captions in 3 quick steps – Twitch accessibility and OBS

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In just a few quick steps you can add captions to your Twitch stream, making it more accessible and attracting new viewers. Captions can help many people:

  • Those with hearing difficulties
  • International viewers whose main language may not be English
  • Those lurkers who may be at work or are unable to hear the stream sound clearly (background noise)

With an easy to install obs plugin you can get captions up and running almost immediately and you don’t have to worry about any extra twitch extensions, on screen overlays – it will just work natively with the Twitch player and show the “CC” button to viewers. Existing viewers who don’t want to use captions will be entirely unaffected.

So how do we do this?

1. Download the Closed Captioning via Google Speech Recognition plugin for OBS

You can read more about the plugin and how it works here and when you are ready to download head here to the GitHub releases section. You will need to download the version applicable for your operating system (for me and for the rest of this tutorial I will follow the Windows instructions but other help is available on the plugin site.

2. Install the OBS plugin

Extract the zip file you downloaded, and inside it you should have an “obs-plugins” folder. This contains all the files for the plugin and needs to be copied into your “obs-studio” installation folder. Depending on your Windows version this will either be:

C:\Program Files\obs-studio
C:\Program Files (x86)\obs-studio

You’ll be asked if you want to confirm overwriting the “obs-plugins” folder and you want to click “Yes” – this folder contains your other plugins but they won’t be affected, it will just add the new plugins files into the same place where OBS is expecting them to be.

3. Time to set your microphone input source!

If you already had OBS open then restart it, if not then now is the time to open it up.

Click the “Tools” menu dropdown and select “Cloud Closed Captions”

The captions preview window will open and you will need to click the “Settings” option, this will load a window with the following options:

The main option you need to look at here is “Caption Source” – this is the recording device that you want OBS to listen to in order to generate the closed captions. This should be a clean audio source, ideally your main microphone. Once selected you can save the settings and begin stream, you should see a panel visible in the bottom corner that displays the captions as they are being generated!

Go XLR Users
– Just a quick extra step for you folks you might want to consider, instead of selecting the broadcast stream mix as your caption source, you might want to consider adding a new audio input capture in OBS for your “chat mic” so you have a clean audio input but make sure you reduce the volume all the way down (don’t mute) so it doesn’t echo on stream!

Author Martocodo
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