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Teardown mission guide for ‘The Car Wash’ on the Villa Gordon map!

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This is by far one of my favorite missions so far in Teardown! When I first beat this level I didn’t realize you could dump 3 cars into the water before setting off an alarm! Which is crucial for getting all the objectives complete with plenty of time to spare!

What are the Teardown car wash mission objectives?

The three vehicles that we can dump into the water without triggering the alarm are the white SUV in the garage near the race track, the red race car on the tow truck, and the old-school blue car near the greenhouse. Once you have dumped those cars in the water, the remaining cars are really easy to steal.

Objective 1: Stealing the SUV

I start off by grabbing the front loader near the spawn point and driving down to the garage near the race track. We’ll use the front loader to smash a couple of exterior walls and flatten the SUV in the garage down to the axel. Once it’s been ‘axelfied’ (yep, new word) we can easily transport it to the water by strapping it on top of our red sports car conveniently located on a tow truck!

Objective 2: Stealing the red race car

The tow truck is located down the race track from the garage we find the white SUV. Once the axel is safely strapped on top with a couple of planks you can drive it into the water wherever you like!  The only thing you have to watch out for is knocking the red sports car off the tow truck or flipping the truck itself. So make sure you are traversing at a reasonable speed around corners, avoid trees and when you enter the water don’t be ‘too crazy’ with it 😀

Objective 3: Stealing the classic car

Once those two vehicles have been successfully dumped it’s on to the classic blue car that’s located near the greenhouse. This one can be frustrating to set up and is prone to breaking when driving. Be sure to plank all four corners on top of driving around SUPER slowly. Another key thing to pay attention to is line up the wire when attaching the glass door to the top of the car’s roof. You want to leave as much slack as possible so the wire doesn’t snap when driving the vehicle to or into the water!

Object 4: Stealing the remaining cars

After getting all previously mentioned vehicles into the water, the level is really a cakewalk. Out of the 3 remaining vehicles, I Usually decide to drive the green sports car found in the guest house garage into the water first. As soon as you pull away from the wall it will trigger the alarm leaving you with 60secs to dump it into the water along with the other 2 vehicles. So you want to make sure to have train vehicles in place to go from one dump location to the next vehicle in line. Here is a little map of the route I take! 😀

Hope this article helped you in your journey to 100% Teardown chapter 1! I’m looking forward to making more guides/tips and tricks videos of my runs. I’m excited for chapter 2 and for them to implement the Steam Workshop. The possibilities are truly endless with this game! From the all different ways one can complete a map to the various different challenges the community can come up with, I have a feeling I’m going to be busy for a while!

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