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Minecraft: How to Build a Modern Bathroom

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Hey Minecraft Maniacs!  Often during my livestream on twitch, people will ask how I make my modern bathrooms so I decided to make this step by step article on my basic modern bathroom design that any Minecraft noob can pull off! First you need to choose your color pallet! I’m going with a modern look and checkered floor. I have used Polished Diorite and Black Concrete for the floor. I recommend Smooth Quartz Block for the facilities. Let’s start with the bathtub!

Bathtub in Minecraft

Bathtubs are so easy. Simply grab your favorite stair block. I’m using Smooth Quartz. Build a U shape with 4 blocks just like image 1 below and then connect 2 stair blocks facing inwards to complete the tub just like image 2. Fill the tub with a water bucket and you’re almost done!  A tripwire makes an excellent looking tap! You could also use a lever for a shower head!  I love using Turtle Eggs and Sea Pickles for shampoo & other containers resting on the side of the tub.

Image 1

Image 2

Image 3

The Sink

Everything but the bathroom sink? No of course we’re going to build a bathroom sink. This is my favorite, most easily customizable sink. You can create all kinds of custom details on this one. Here again I’m using Smooth Quartz Block. We start with 2 Block leaving a space in between to put 1 Smooth Quartz Stair Block. Make sure the stairs face towards the wall just like in Image 2. That is where the water will go!

Next it’s time to make some cupboards. In image 3 I’m using 2 item frames with a Birch Pressure Plate moved to the inward position. You can use trapdoors and many other items including Anvils to customize these cupboards for your own build! Again we’ve added a Trip Wire as a tap. Alternatively, you can use banners to make very convincing cupboard doors as in image 4. Below, I will show you how to make banners with knobs.

Image 1

Image 2

Image 3

Image 4

Cupboard Door Banner 

step 1

step 2

step 3

step 4

step 5

The final result is very cute but something is missing right? Time for a mirror!  Or a few mirrors. Banners are also great for this. Follow these easy steps to create beautiful mirrors.

Bathroom Mirror Banner

You can give the mirror any color frame you like. I personally like the white frame.

The Toilet

This is quite possibly the simplest toilet you’ll see in Minecraft. I am using 1 Smooth Quartz Block and 2 Smooth Quartz Stairs. To create a toilet seat I have hung a banner on the full quartz block. The bottom hangs through the upside-down staircase to give the illusion that it is a toilet lid.

Image 1

Image 2

There are a number of things you can do to give the bathroom a finished look. Put a button on the side of the toilet, add some End Rods to look like fluorescent lighting, use looms around the bathtub to make a neat bath matt! Get creative and mix and match blocks to personalize the bathroom to your build. Make it your own!

Author thefrogqueen
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