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Teardown Beginner’s Guide

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Teardown is a heist game in a fully destructible voxel world that will test your abilities to plan and execute an intricate heist. You have unlimited time to prepare and a few useful tools to help. Once ready, you have 60 seconds to complete all objectives. This Teardown beginner’s guide will teach you some tips and tricks that will help you optimise your heists better. We’ll be avoiding any spoilers and leaving the creativity in how best to use these tips to you.

Quick save frequently in Teardown

There is a quick save function in the game which is extremely useful and it’s saved my butt many times. You’ll be testing strategies, new paths, blowing stuff up etc. So being able to quickly save before testing something new is invaluable.

They’ve recently added a little warning message when quick loading and restarting the mission which is great. It’ll save you from wasting time if you misclick! You can however temporarily disable this function until the game is closed. If you do so just make sure you don’t misclick when quicksaving/loading.

Note that you can still load your quick save even if you accidentally restart your mission!

How to find valuables

Valuables are items that you can find throughout the various maps and they’re how you get money to upgrade your weapons. When you get a new map it’s a good idea to do a quick ‘valuables run’. Just run around searching every nook and cranny for the valuables. They like to hide in sneaky places like between the walls, under stairs, attics, boxes, bins and even the fridge.


There are a decent number of different vehicles in Teardown ranging from regular cars, to industrial vehicles and even some boats. In your heist you’ll need to pick the best vehicle to get the job done done. Some are great at driving off road while others are good at destruction. 

The industrial vehicles also have additional control allowing you to use that vehicle in a number of ways. As an example, the crane is a great vehicle because you raise and lower the arm which is very sturdy and good at destroying walls. On top of that, if you press space, the hook of the crane will ‘stick’ to whatever it is currently touching allowing you to pick up objects of a decent size and weight.

Picking up objectives

You can pick up the objectives and move them around to a more ideal location to optimise your heist better. Some objectives can be moved freely or might have some kind of restriction you can bypass but most are tethered to an alarm system that will trigger if you move the objective too far away or break the alarm.

Even if an objective is tether to an alarm system you can still move them to a more optimal position. They’re indestructible too so you can shoot them dead on with no problem, just make sure you don’t shoot or blow up the alarm itself.

Use the spraycan

The spraycan is a deceptively useful tool which I did not use at first. However, in the later stages the heists become more complicated with more objectives to collect in the 60 second timer. So leaving yourself an arrow or a little note can be very helpful. You can spray anything really, even objectives.

How to use planks

Planks are possibly the best, most versatile tool in the whole game. The obvious use for them is to create ramps or bridges to offer new routes through the heist but there is SO MUCH more they can be used for. This is because the planks will stick to anything you connect them to. You can get really creative with this mechanic. You can stick objects together or to a vehicle to move them easier. You can even plank objectives in ways that will allow you to pick them up easier. Pressing Esc while building a plank will cancel it.

One trick with planks that took me a while to figure out is that you can plank something and pick something up at the same time. You need to start building the plank first. Then, while still holding left click for the plank, you right click whatever you want to pick up. Build the plank before letting go of right click and voila! This in particular has allowed me to pull off some very cool heists!

Hopefully you can go forth with this knowledge and carry out some awesome heists! We’ll be putting up a lot more Teardown content including speedruns, guides and walkthroughs. If you’re struggling with particular levels then look out for our level guides like this ‘mission guide for ‘The Car Wash’ on the Villa Gordon map’!

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