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How To Trade In Rocket League!

Let’s learn how to trade in rocket league, upgrade your current Rocket league set up and sell some items you never use! Also let’s use trading to actually make IRL money from Rocket League. Trading in Rocket League can be quite daunting to start with but I am here to show you … Continue reading →


Project-V | Vela Games New Multiplayer Online Co-op Game

Project-V is a new game in development by former Riot Games developers. The studio is called Vela and they are set to make a rather interesting game. Especially considering the scope of their game and it will be the first one (we assume). What is Project-V? They are currently calling Project-V a … Continue reading →


10 Easy Minecraft Lights

Hello Minecraft Maniacs!  Today I’m going to show you my Top 10 Easy Minecraft Lights that work in any edition of the game, Bedrock, Java, and Pocket Edition. You can easily adapt each of these designs to fit into your own interior or exterior build by adding your own personal flare. Customize … Continue reading →


Teardown Guide: The Vault and Gold Banana Location!

Vault: How to break into it! Teardown’s Hollowrock Island map is where you will find a secret vault buried in the basement of the house on the hill! This guide will show you how to gain access to what appears to be an indestructible vault. If you hang around until the end … Continue reading →


Installing A Modpack from CurseForge

Let’s get started installing a modpack from Cursforge. Unfortunately, Curseforge is moving (again) so let’s make sure we keep up to date with how to add modpacks to Minecraft. Soon you will no longer be able to manage your modpacks through the Twitch desktop app as Curseforge is moving (back) to its … Continue reading →


Minecraft 1.17 Snapshot 20w48a : 10 Interesting Fact About DRIPSTONE!

Mojang recently release a new Snapshot (Minecraft 1.17 Snapshot 20w48a) for the upcoming Caves and Cliffs update. . The 1.17 release slated to hit us sometime in 2021. We got 1.16 in April of 2020 so lets hope we get 1.17 that early but regardless, Mojang has been teasing us with lovely … Continue reading →


How To Make Traps and a Secret Base with Powder Snow

An interesting new block called Powder Snow has been introduced in the most recent Minecraft snapshot 20W46A and we’re going to explore some of the practical applications of this new snow based block. As well as covering the basic mechanics we’ll also take a look at how to make traps and how … Continue reading →


Teardown Beginner’s Guide

Teardown is a heist game in a fully destructible voxel world that will test your abilities to plan and execute an intricate heist. You have unlimited time to prepare and a few useful tools to help. Once ready, you have 60 seconds to complete all objectives. This Teardown beginner’s guide will teach … Continue reading →


How to make charcoal in Minecraft

Charcoal is the unsung hero of fuel sources in Minecraft. It’s easily accessible at the very start of the game with the most basic of tools and is very efficient. It can be used just like coal to get start materials needed to progress in the game. How to get charcoal? Charcoal … Continue reading →


Teardown mission guide for ‘The Car Wash’ on the Villa Gordon map!

This is by far one of my favorite missions so far in Teardown! When I first beat this level I didn’t realize you could dump 3 cars into the water before setting off an alarm! Which is crucial for getting all the objectives complete with plenty of time to spare! What are … Continue reading →

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