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Kingdoms Reborn – Banished meets Civilization!

Coming in Early Access to the Steam Store on November 3rd, Kingdoms Reborn is a brand new indie civilization simulation and strategy game from developers Earthshine. In Kingdoms Reborn you will lead a group of settlers into the wilderness and strive to build a bustling and successful empire. The game features some … Continue reading →


Minecraft 1.17 New Blocks – Part 1

Minecraft 1.17, known as the Adventurers Update is coming soon. The snapshot is out and we can already see some of the new blocks we can look forward to! In this new update for Minecraft they have a whole host of features planned. Including the cave updates, goats and other interesting creatures! … Continue reading →


How To Drink in RLCraft

The RL in RLCraft stands for Real Life or Realism. One of the many differences between vanilla Minecraft and RLCraft is that there is a thirst bar and you have to manage your thirst level as well as your hunger. Becoming dehydrated at the wrong time can be… problematic. When your thirst … Continue reading →


Ashes Of Creation – What To Expect

For the last few years MMO fans around the world have been craving a new and exciting addition to the genre. Although smaller low budget games have been released and the big names such as World of Warcraft and Final Fantasy have been expanded upon. If you were looking for a fresh … Continue reading →


Duos with Dad | First Victory Royale of Chapter 2 Two Season Two

I used to play Fortnite waaay more but I can still say that I have a win in every season since day one. In this video we get our first victory royale of chapter two season two. These days I just play for the lols and don’t take it too seriously. Mostly … Continue reading →


Dynamic Duo: 2 Man Squad Takes the Win! | Apex Legends

We’re one man down before the battle even starts. The odds are against us but it doesn’t matter. Such things don’t stop us from clutching an Apex Legends win. Successful Geezer and I (SomeNutzGuy) are the dynamic duo. Our communications are on point. Our aim is… kind of on point. We position … Continue reading →


RLCraft Zero to Hero (EP1)

Learn how go from Zero to Hero in our RLCraft guide series. We show you, step by step how to become an absolute boss in RLCraft. RLCraft Spawning Sometimes in RLCraft you will spawn and die instantly. There isn’t much you can do about this, except for dying and respawning until you … Continue reading →


5 Netherite Armor Tricks for Minecraft 1.16

First off, these tricks are obviously just jokes, nothing more. Secondly, see how many of your friends you can get to do these tricks! What were the Netherite Tricks? Here are the list of tricks we did in this video. Hope you thought they were funny, stupid or entertaining. Trick 1 – … Continue reading →


How to build an easy survival base in Minecraft

This base might look a little daunting, but don’t worry, we are going to build this step by step. The real secret to building this base is to focus on one corner and just repeat that for all the other corners. Preparation for Building the Survival Base Before we get started, make … Continue reading →


Minecraft 1.16 Nether Update Base Build

In this video, I built a nether base on the side of the cliff. Using the new Warped and Crimson materials I built the top house to look like it belonged in the nether (sort of) Then underneath I built a base to make you feel like you were back home in … Continue reading →

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