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Minecraft: 1.16.5 mcMMO Automatic Acrobatics Grinder!

Minecraft: 1.16.5 mcMMO Automatic Acrobatics Grinder! mcMMO Acrobatics The acrobatics skill for the Minecraft plugin mcMMO is very useful because it provides a roll chance to fall damage and dodge chance to incoming attacks.  Leveling acrobatics can be fairly easy but it’s one I like to level up quickly to avoid any … Continue reading →


Valheim How To Get Iron

If you’ve managed to get yourself some bronze gear and leveled it up you may be wondering how to get iron in Valheim. It’s actually fairly simple although a little dangerous. There’s some really cool weapons you can craft with iron in Valheim. My two favourites are probably the Iron Sledge and … Continue reading →


Fennec Esports Decals – North America

Rocket League has finally released Fennec Esports Decals!  Even though many pro players use the Fennec it took Rocket League ages to add Esports decals to the game but they are finally here! At 300 Esports tokens per decal which is around $2.50 (£1.80) the price for these isn’t bad at all … Continue reading →


AFK Sleep Machine Minecraft 1.16

In Minecraft there are a few reasons why you might want an AFK sleep machine to automatically sleep through the nights while you’re AFK off doing things in the real world. As an example, there are certain farms that only work during the day time. There’s an Iron Farm that doesn’t require … Continue reading →


Minecraft 1.17- Lush Cave Plants !

If you are as obsessed with organic builds as I am then you can’t wait for the new Minecraft 1.17 update to hit us! Mojang has been teasing Java players everywhere with their snapshots but not many of them really appealed to me until the last 2. We finally get to take … Continue reading →


How to Obtain Obsidian in Minecraft – Tutorial

In this article I will tell you several ways how to obtain obsidian in Minecraft. Methods to get Obsidian in Minecraft You can obtain Obsidian in Minecraft in a few different ways: mining, in certain treasure chests, or through creating the obsidian block in place where you want it. Making Obsidian in … Continue reading →


How to Build an Automatic Cactus Farm in Minecraft 1.16

It’s incredibly easy to build an automatic cactus farm in Minecraft. In fact, this design is so simple that it doesn’t even require any redstone at all!  How This Cactus Farm Works A cactus will be broken if it comes into direct contact with any other block. This automatic cactus farm utilises … Continue reading →


Minecraft: Easy Rustic Bedroom Design

If you’re like me, sometimes an empty room leaves your brain empty for ideas. For me, a blank canvas is the most intimidating thing and sometimes that happens to me when I’m building in Minecraft at all. So I wanted to give you a very basic, simple bedroom furniture set which you … Continue reading →


How to Tame Animals in Minecraft

How to tame animals in Minecraft There are several species and breeds of animals that you can tame in Minecraft that are both good company and very useful. Most animals won’t trust you right away, so you need to learn how to tame them. Different animals have different items that gain their … Continue reading →


How To Install BakkesMod For Epic Games & Steam!

If you are a PC Rocket League player on either Epic Games or Steam you need to try BakkesMod! I have been using it on Steam for the past 8 months and it has just been updated it to work with Epic Games too for all the free to play players. BakkesMod … Continue reading →

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