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How to install shaderpacks for Minecraft (PC)

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I am very frequently asked on stream what shaders I am using to make the game look so good/ realistic. So I thought I’d put together a quick article and video on how to install shaderpacks for Minecraft to help you guys make your game look better too. Note: shaderpacks only work on Java Edition. 

Firstly, most of the good shaders require Optifine to work so you’ll also need to download that.

Once OptiFine is installed you can follow the below steps OR watch this short shaderpacks video.

Step 1 – Download the shaderpack

Find the shaderpack you would like to download. The example I use in the video is BSL shaders. 

Go to or browse the selection of shaderpacks on Curse Forge.  

Once you’ve chosen, click download in the top right corner:

Step 2 – Move the shaderpack to the correct folder

Once downloaded you need to move the shaderpack to the ‘Shaderpacks’ folder in the ‘.minecraft’ folder. 

There are two easy ways to access the ‘.minecraft’ folder. 

The first is through the game itself. Go to: Options > Video Settings > Shaders > You should see a ‘Shaders Folder’ button in the bottom left corner. Simply click this and it will open the correct folder for you.

The second is through your search or run function in the start menu. Press Windows+R to open the ‘Run’ menu. Enter the following: %appdata%

Then open the ‘.minecraft’ folder. The ‘shaderpacks’ folder should be in here. Sometimes it isn’t, in which case you can add it yourself. Just make sure to name the new folder exactly ‘shaderpacks’.

It should end up looking like this:

Step 3 – Activate the shaderpack in game

To activate your shaderpack you just need to go to ‘Options > Video Settings > Shaders.’ The default will be ‘Off’ and there will most likely also be one called ‘Internal’ but there should also be your new shaderpack. Just click it. Your game will reload and your shaders will be applied. Enjoy :D.

I hope this guide helps you and you can now enjoy Minecraft even more!

Author SomeNutzGuy
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