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Valheim 5 Quick Tips and Tricks for Beginners Pt.1

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Valheim is a game about exploring a huge fantasy world inspired by Norse mythology and Viking culture. It’s an awesome game but can be tough to get started and there are quite a few things I picked up along the way that I wish I had known from the start. So these Valheim 5 quick tips and tricks for beginners will teach you some of those things. These are completely random but definitely useful! This way you can learn from my mistakes instead of having to make them yourselves!

Active Effects

Active effects are the currently active positive or negative effects that are affecting your character. You can see icons for your current active effects in the top right corner but the icon doesn’t give you much information. To understand these better you can open the active effects window. Press Tab to open your inventory/ menu. On the right side at the top there is an icon that looks like a Raven. 

If you click this it’ll open a window containing all of the lore learnt from Hugin the raven as well as a breakdown of your active buffs. Understanding exactly what the current effects do might help you or even save your life one day. As an example, being wet reduces your stamina regen by 50%. If you can see that you are wet then you’ll know that it’s not the best time to get into a difficult fight as your stamina gain will be limited.

Rested Bonus

Rested bonus is EXTREMELY useful in Valheim and it’s really easy to apply. There isn’t really a good reason why you shouldn’t have this on 100% of the time. Rested bonus gives you +50% health regen and +100% stamina regen. Obviously this is pretty darn good! 

To apply the rested bonus you just need to rest somewhere ‘comfortable’. Comfort level is determined by the quality of the building and furniture around you while you are resting. Comfort level doesn’t change the buff in any way except the duration. The base rested duration is 7 minutes + 1 minute for each comfort level while resting. The lowest comfort level 1 is simply a campfire and will give a rest bonus for 8 minutes. As campfires can be crafted pretty much anywhere and are one of the few things that doesn’t require a workbench to build, you can get an 8 minute rested bonus anywhere as long as it’s not raining.


There’s a lot of traveling and exploring in Valheim. Often you’ll find locations or resources that you know you’ll need later at some point and can’t gather/ explore now for whatever reason. That’s why it’s very helpful to put markers for pretty much everything. As an example, you can’t plant berry bushes so marking areas with lots of berries is good so you can find them again once they’ve regrown. Or marking ore deposits that you find but don’t have a pick or inventory space at the time. 

Double click to place a marker. Name it and press enter. Right click to remove the marker OR click the marker on the map to put a red X on it. I’d recommend using the red X when marking that you’ve cleared that location or resource instead of removing the marker. That way you know where you’ve been/ cleared and you know where you can look next.

Buried Treasure

Scattered randomly across the meadows biome you can find Viking burial sites. They look like an arrangement of rocks that somewhat resembles the outline of a ship. They’re quite obvious once you stumble across them due to the clearly purposeful arrangement of rocks. Somewhere under the ground here is a fallen Viking buddy who has been buried with their valuables. If you dig up these burial sites you can find some skeletal remains that drop bones and a chest with some valuables in it. Usually gold, rubies, amber, etc. 

Just start at one end and pickaxe a few times down. You don’t need to go very deep at all, just a few swings will do. Then proceed to level/ clear it out until you find the chest. There is only one chest though so one once you’ve found it you don’t need to dig any more.

Weapon and Armour Stats

This may seem obvious but there are a few things I didn’t realise straight away. Hovering your mouse over a weapon or piece of armour in your inventory will give you much more information about it. As an example, I was wondering why I was running slower than I used to when I switched to bronze armour from troll hide. Metal legs and chest plates will reduce your movement speed as will carrying any weapon other than a knife.

This is also useful when choosing the right weapon for the mission ahead because you can check the damage type of the weapon. As an example, blunt damage is strong against everything in the third boss fight. So making sure you bring a weapon with blunt damage is a good idea!

I’ll be doing a series of these Valheim 5 quick tips and tricks for beginners articles so keep an eye on the Valheim category on NoobForce if you are keen to catch these! If you’re curious about the lack of a creative mode for Valheim, or perhaps you really enjoy building but don’t want to have to farm for hours to get the resources… Check out this guide on how to access creative mode in Valheim.

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