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The Best Fennec Decals In Rocket League!

by on .

It has become clear to me that the Fennec is one of the most popular cars in Rocket League and sometimes it can be hard to decide on what decal to use because there are so many and can be quite expensive.
As a lot of people have the Fennec now you want yours to stand out and be individual so I have made a list of my and my viewer’s favorite decals for the fennec to help you find the cleanest combination.

The Rocket League Huntress

First up is the Huntress decal. For the price, this is probably one of the best looking decals for the fennec.
I brought this from the item store for only 100 credits and combined with the Muscle Boy wheels I think it looks so clean. 

Rocket League Interstellar

This is one of my favorite decals in the entire game, it is a moving galaxy on your car, it constantly changes and looks so good! I am running Metal-Carpus: Inverted wheels with this setup.
Unfortunately, this is one of the most expensive decals in the entire game, depending on your platform this decal currently sells for around 1.5k credits to around 4k depending on what version you are looking for.

Rocket League Hextide

This decal in my opinion is very underrated. You will see very few people using it but in-game it looks so fresh! If you are looking for a unique look then this might be for you.
This decal sells for around 800 credits to 3000 credits depending on the painted version you are looking for.

Rocket League Flames Decal

This is a decal you all already have and is a very simple clean look if that’s what you are going for. 

And it costs nothing so happy days!

The Fire God Decal for Rocket League

This decal looks great on the Fennec, to be honest, it looks pretty great on any car.
It sells for around 1300-1600 credits which isn’t that bad compared to a lot of the others.


This decal is a classic and I have seen people running it consistently for the last year or so. The problem with this skin is that it can be very expensive. It costs around 1500 credits for the more basic painted versions but if you are looking for titanium white it will set you back around 15,000 credits 😅.


This is another decal that you might not see too much, as for the last year or so I think I have only seen it once or twice.
It can look really clean with the right colours and wheels. 


This is another decal that you should all have by default. Another really simple one but still looks good in my opinion. So if you have little to no budget this could be a good option (I know times are tough after 2020).


This was a very popular decal coming into 2020 but I have not seen it as much for the last few months. I do know a lot of people like this decal which is why I’m including it.
This decal sells for between 800 credits and about 2500 credits depending on the painted version.


This decal is another decal that is not seen very often so if you are going for a unique look, this might be the one for you. It costs 2000 credits to unlock or about 300-400 if you are trading for it.

Thank you so much for reading, if you would like to see what these decals look like animated instead of pictures please watch the video linked at the top of the page. If you need any help finding any of these decals I also have a video and article about how to trade in Rocket League.

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