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Fennec Esports Decals – North America

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Rocket League has finally released Fennec Esports Decals! 

Even though many pro players use the Fennec it took Rocket League ages to add Esports decals to the game but they are finally here!

At 300 Esports tokens per decal which is around $2.50 (£1.80) the price for these isn’t bad at all compared to the normal prices in this game. So if you support a team in Rocket League be sure to pick up a Decal now.


Starting with one of the biggest Esports organisations in the world NRG has a clean-looking decal. It goes really well if you have a black painted Fennec and you can also pick up the NRG wheels too. 


This team is one of the longest competing organisations in the RLCS so will have a lot of supporters. The design is very clean so if your a Rogue fan I’m sure you will be picking this one up. 

Pittsburgh Knights

This Decal is one of my favorites because of the matte black and the shiny gold combination looks great. 

Ghost Gaming Fennec Esports Decals

This decal probably has the least effort out of all the new fennec esports decals. It is matte black with the logo pasted on it a few times. 


G2 Esports is one of the biggest and most well-known teams in the RLCS and this decal is looking fresh. This is another decal that goes great with a painted black fennec. 

If you want to know how to get a painted fennec click here and it will show you how. 

eUnited Fennec Esports Decals

This is one of the most vibrant decals and definitely stands out. You can combine it with a lot of different painted versions of the fennec so you have a lot of options on how you want yours to look.

Team Envy

This decal is very similar to the NRG one; it just has black camo instead of cracks.

Alpine Esports

I don’t really like this decal as it is very hard to match these colours with wheels and painted versions. This has to be my least favorite.

Spacestation Gaming

This decal is another black fennec decal however the stars/diamonds over the car make it stand out, I imagine we will be seeing this decal quite frequently on Rocket League. 

Susquehanna Soniqs

This decal is clean looking but very similar to some of the others and therefore does not stand out much. 

Thank you very much for reading this far through. If you do purchase any of these decals please be sure to use my creator code in the Rocket League store.

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