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RLCraft Guide: Quick Start

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RLCraft is a tough mod pack, but with this RLCraft guide, you can get started really quickly. Let’s start off with some of the basics. To pick stuff up off the ground you can either right-click on it or hold shift to pickup everything near the block you are stood on. Don’t forget to check out our part 2 guide for RLCraft

How to drink in RLCraft

If you jump into the water, you can hold shift and right-click to drink directly from the water. It does give you a small downside though as seen in the video above. Another way to drink water is to get some glass bottles and fill them up by right-clicking. Once you have the bottles you can also purify them to make them clean. To purify them, just put them in a furnace.

Getting your first tools in RLCraft

RLCraft uses the no punching trees mod, here is an RLCraft guide on getting started.

  • Find some gravel and punch it.
  • Keep punching gravel until you get some flint (note you can keep placing the gravel you just found to do this too).
  • Once you have flint, find a piece of stone and right-click on it with your flint.
  • You should hear a quiet sort of cracking noise. Eventually, you will get a flint shard.
  • Next, find a tree and punch down some leaves to get sticks.
  • If you put a flint shard above a stick in your crafting table you can make a flint knife.

  • The next step is to use your flint knife to cut up some grass on the floor.
  • When destroying grass you will get plant fibres, these are useful for our next item.

  • Now we have everything we need to make a flint hatchet, perfect!
  • Put a stick down the bottom left, plant fibre top left and flint shard top right in the crafting inventory.

Now we can use our new hatchet to cut down trees. When cutting down trees, make sure you don’t stand where they are falling as they can easily kill you. This happened to me far too many times and I’m blaming it on server lag.

  • A final note is that once you have cut down logs, you can place them again.
  • Then right-click on top of them with a hatchet, this will turn them into planks.
  • Make sure the logs are on top of a hard solid block, preferably just some cobblestone.

Mobs are very dangerous

Another thing to be careful of is almost anything that moves in RLCraft. There are a ton of creatures that can easily kill you. Skeletons especially have a tendency to be able to shoot you in the head and one-shot you. I’m not sure if that has been toned down yet or not, but we did make it less effective on our server.

There are some creatures that look dangerous but aren’t, like the Maka for example.

Build a quick shelter

The final step, now that you can get some blocks is to build a quick shelter. Make yourself a little base and place some torches inside. This will keep you safe for a short amount of time before you need to expand.

I hope you liked this guide and we’ll make sure to keep updating them in the future too.

Author Lynqoid
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