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Minecraft 1.16 Nether Update Base Build

by on .

In this video, I built a nether base on the side of the cliff. Using the new Warped and Crimson materials I built the top house to look like it belonged in the nether (sort of) Then underneath I built a base to make you feel like you were back home in the Overworld.

The build is really simple, you just do two windows out the front of the mountain. One smaller than the other. Then you dig into the mountain to hollow out some space underneath. Then finally you put in some creatures comforts, like chairs, carpet, furnaces and any other tools you need. Don’t forget you can even put and use a bed in the nether with the 1.16 nether snapshot.

I hope you like this quick build and we should be doing more in the future too, especially if ReplayMOD and fabric get updated for the 1.16 update. Fingers crossed it does soon!

Author Lynqoid
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