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How to Obtain Obsidian in Minecraft – Tutorial

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In this article I will tell you several ways how to obtain obsidian in Minecraft.

Methods to get Obsidian in Minecraft

You can obtain Obsidian in Minecraft in a few different ways: mining, in certain treasure chests, or through creating the obsidian block in place where you want it.

Making Obsidian in Minecraft

Pour water on a lava source blocks to create an obsidian block

Getting a source lava block wet makes obsidian. However, if the lava is not a source block it will turn into cobblestone.

Mining Obsidian in Minecraft

You must use a diamond or netherite pickaxe to mine obsidian blocks

You need a diamond or netherite pickaxe to mine obsidian. It takes 9.4 seconds to mine a block of obsidian with a diamond pickaxe, whereas it takes 8.35 seconds with a netherite pickaxe. Reduce mining time with efficiency enchantments and/or a beacon with the haste effect.

Finding Obsidian in the Minecraft World

Ruined Portals are in the Nether and the Overworld

You can find obsidian naturally in 2 places in the overworld. One of these locations is below sea level in caves or oceans. Obsidian is also located in ruined portals. Ruined portals can consist of obsidian and crying obsidian blocks and are surrounded by various other blocks. These portals are incomplete, but can be filled in with obsidian blocks to complete the portals. Crying obsidian will not work as part of the portal.

Find Obsidian in Treasure Chests

Ruined Portals can Contain Obsidian

You can find obsidian in Minecraft in chests scattered around the world. One location is next to ruined portals in the overworld and the nether. You can find obsidian in the nether in fortress chests and in Bastion remnants. Obsidian can spawn in overworld villages in Weaponsmith chests.

Obtaining Obsidian Through Bartering

You can trade Piglings Gold Ingots for Obsidian

Piglins are located in crimson forests in the nether. They barter for many items including obsidian. Give a piglin a gold ingot for a 9.46% chance of it dropping obsidian.

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