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5 Netherite Armor Tricks for Minecraft 1.16

by on .

First off, these tricks are obviously just jokes, nothing more. Secondly, see how many of your friends you can get to do these tricks!

What were the Netherite Tricks?

Here are the list of tricks we did in this video. Hope you thought they were funny, stupid or entertaining.

Trick 1 – Nether Arrows

Equip full Netherite armor and shoot arrows through a nether portal, it will come out another nether portal nearby! Perfect for tricking your friends. The way we did this was with trip wire hooks inside the portal. They were linked up to a dispenser that then shot out the arrow.

Trick 2 – Void Protection III

In this video we obviously just used some editing to cut to Lynq falling down from above the ship. We got this wrong so many times because we forget little things. Good times.

Trick 3 – Head shot Immunity

In the head shot immunity trick, Lynq just wore a helmet and was on low health, then I shot him in the head lol. Simple really.

Trick 4 – Lava Upgrade

Lava upgrade was a cool one, it turned out really nice. In creative mode Lynq just sat below the lava, equipped Netherite armor and re-appeared. It was really simple but looked cool.

Trick 5 – Anti TNT

The end of this one was so funny when we did it. The splurge of guts from the new nether materials turned out really well.


We really enjoyed making this silly Minecraft video and hope to make more in the future. If you want to see us make any other silly videos in the future, then make sure to leave a comment below or over on YouTube. Thanks for watching and see you on the next one.

Author HappyTailz
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