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Best Weapons in RLCraft

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Ever wondered what the best weapons in RLCraft are? Well keep reading to find out! The RLCraft modpack adds many new things to the game, including a whole host of new weapons. Many of these aren’t that good (Nunchaku I’m looking at you -_- ) but there are several new additions that can be very useful for different reasons or at different stages of the game. In this RLCraft weapon guide we’ll take a look at a few of the best weapons in RLCraft that will get you through any situation.

Best Weapons in RLCraft (Melee Weapons)

Sadly a lot of the weapons that could be really cool aren’t actually that good. I would love to go around killing zombies and dragons with nunchucks but alas, they’re simply not great. There are a few melee weapons I would use in your RLCraft adventures depending on your circumstances. 

The reason that the weapons that have been added are better than a regular sword or axe is that they have innate traits or perks. These are like enchantments specific to that weapon that give it additional value. The traits are unaffected by material used to craft the weapon so even stone versions of these weapons are good for early game.

The best melee weapons in RLCraft include:

  • The Saber
  • The Rapier
  • The Halberd
  • The Greatsword

The Saber and the Rapier

The Saber and the Rapier are somewhat interchangeable as they both have similar traits. They both have the trait ‘Damage Absorption’ which reduces incoming damage by 25% and converts that damage to durability damage on the weapon. 

Their second traits are slightly different but both add additional damage depending on the opponents armor, or lack thereof. The Saber has a ‘Chest Damage Bonus’ meaning that it does + 100% damage to an opponent not wearing chest armor whereas the Rapier has ‘Unarmored Damage Bonus’ and deals + 200% damage to any enemy that has no armor at all.

These two traits on these weapons means that they are very good early game weapons. The damage reduction is brilliant and can help save you from the pesky Skeleton Archers that cause so much trouble early on. Also, as most of the early enemies won’t be wearing armor, the damage bonus traits are incredibly useful. Get one of these two weapons asap!

The Halberd and The Greatsword

Many people like the Halberd and it is a pretty cool weapon. It also looks awesome so a lot of people go for this weapon due to preference but I’ve always been a big fan of the Greatsword.

Both weapons have the traits ‘Reach I’ and ‘Two-Handed II’. ‘Reach I’ means the weapons will hit their target from further away and ‘Two-Handed II’ means you get a big debuff to attack speed if you have anything at all in your off-hand. 

The Halberd also has ‘Shield Breach’ although this is kind of pointless in most cases as most enemies won’t have shields. On the other hand the Greatswords has ‘Wide Attack II’. This acts like Sweeping Edge and allows the Greatsword to hit multiple enemies at once. 

Due to the fact they have a two-handed requirement both of these weapons are better to pick up slightly later in the game. Shields are simply too valuable in the early game to forego them for these weapons. That being said, once you have some better armor and can ditch the shield these make great mid game weapons. The Greatsword is perfect for dungeon clearing as the wide attack and reach make it easy in the dungeons corridors. The Halberd is better for single target DPS though so keeping it around for bosses can be a good idea.

The Best Ranged Weapon in RLCraft

For me there is only one choice for best ranged weapon in RLCraft and that is the ‘Dragonbone-Strengthened Longbow’. It has a longer range and faster projectile speed than other bows although it does have the drawback of a long draw time. The draw time really isn’t an issue though as there are bow skills and enchantments that will still make this thing shoot like a machine gun. 

Overall the best possible weapon at the end game with all of the right enchantments would be the Rapier. I intend to do some testing and will come out with a video and guide on the ‘Absolute Best Godlike Weapon in RLCraft’ soon.

In the meantime, now that you know what the best weapons are, why not checkout this article on ‘How to Get Golem Armor’ – the best armor in the game!

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