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AFK Sleep Machine Minecraft 1.16

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In Minecraft there are a few reasons why you might want an AFK sleep machine to automatically sleep through the nights while you’re AFK off doing things in the real world. As an example, there are certain farms that only work during the day time. There’s an Iron Farm that doesn’t require a Zombie but only works during the day. It’s not very efficient but you can improve the efficiency with an AFK sleep machine. Another example is in certain modpacks some crops can only grow during the day. This AFK Sleeping Machine is incredibly easy to build and use.

To build the AFK sleep machine you will need:

  • 33 x solid blocks
  • 5 x slabs
  • 2 x water
  • 1 x sign
  • 1 x chest
  • 1 x bed

How to build the AFK sleep machine

The first thing you need to do is make sure the bed is facing the right direction. You will need to need to be facing positive X when placing the bed down. Check your F3 information to see if you are facing positive X. The reason for this is to make sure you are facing the right direction when you wake up which allows the sleep machine to work.

Start with two single lines of five solid blocks parallel to each other and one block apart. Place a block in between them at the top so you have a big upside down U. Place your bed at the top of this upside down U.

Dig out the blocks in between the two lines and one level down from the bed. Dig down one more block nearest the entrance and place a chest there to replace it. The chest is important as it creates an extra level slightly below the standard block height. This is important as it won’t work otherwise due to the cursor placement when you wake up.

Now raise the exterior wall up by two blocks (three total). Fill in the top middle with top slabs. 

Next you’ll need to place a sign to block the water you’re about to place. The water needs to push you off the bed so place the sign on the block mid height immediately after the bed. Finally you’ll need to place two water source blocks. Both need to be at the back. One on top of the bed and one below it.

The functional part of the sleep machine has now been built. You can add a door if you need too depending on where you built it. Remember to use an iron door if you are in hard or hardcore mode! It would suck to AFK for a while and come back to realise a zombie broke your door down.

How to use the AFK sleep machine

If you have built this properly, facing the right direction, you should be facing the top of the bed when you wake up. You’ll be pushed along by the water on to the chest which is ever so slightly lower than the normal block height. This should bring your cursor back to target the bed when you come to a rest. 

The trick is to be holding down the right mouse button the whole time. Unfortunately the F3+T trick (reloading resource packs to hold down current input which works for certain farms like the AFK fish farm) does not work here. So you’ll either need to use an auto-clicker to keep clicking or to hold the right click. If you’re feeling particularly old school you can also rebind your right click to something like the left control and then leave a heavy object on it. My phone worked for this so it doesn’t have to be too heavy.

Author SomeNutzGuy
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