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Minecraft: Easy Rustic Bedroom Design

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If you’re like me, sometimes an empty room leaves your brain empty for ideas. For me, a blank canvas is the most intimidating thing and sometimes that happens to me when I’m building in Minecraft at all. So I wanted to give you a very basic, simple bedroom furniture set which you can easily customize and add your own personal Minecrafter flair to!  Once you get a few basic furniture designs under your belt, your creativity will really cut loose and you will find that builders-block (no Minecraft pun intended) will be yesterday’s problem. 

Easy Bed

There are bed designs all over the internet, to such a saturated degree that you might feel you have nothing new to offer. But let me tell you, there are nearly endless combinations of bed designs you can come up with once you know a few basic tricks. Slabs and Beds are actually on the same level and so surrounding a bed with slabs helps add a some girth to the build. You could create a walkup to the bed easily as well with slabs and stairs for a more grand bed design. This is a simple rustic look, we’ve used just upside down stairs for bedside tables, along with slabs and bookshelves for the rest. Oak wood looks the best with bookshelves as they are the same color.

Easy Wardrobe

Wardrobes and closets can have any number of intricacies. This is a very simple design using Spruce Trap Doors, Spruce Doors, Barrels and an armor stand! The door both open and close so that you can store whatever you prefer inside. You could easily make this closet larger or smaller! Try mixing different color woods together to create something new and bold!

Easy Study Area

Every bedroom needs a study space. Lecturn’s are fabulous for creating a little reading area. You can place a Lectern between to upside down stairs to make an interesting desk. Place a sign over the front of the Lectern to make it look like it’s built into the desk. Often adding little details like signs can really add that finishing touch to your furniture. You could build a large desk out of slabs and trap doors!  Add a bookshelf and maybe a lamp! I like to use End Rods with Turtle’s Eggs on top but that might be a pricy design for you in survival. I think it’s worth the effort though! Adding a Sea Pickle even mimics the look of a pencil holder or a mug!

Finishing Your Bedroom

I like to finish my bedroom by adding paintings, rugs, banners, and shelving!  Dead Fan Coral looks like a bushy rug! Try playing with color, lighting and dimensions to complete your room! By keeping these three words in mind when starting a build, your sure to impress all your Minecraft friends. Any Noob can do it!

Thank you for reading! Remember you can catch me Live 4 days a week on Twitch and check out my Youtube channel for more tutorials.

Until next time, Keep Mining, Keep Crafting, Keep Creating.

Author thefrogqueen
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