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Minecraft Cottage Tutorial Easy (CottageCore 5 Tips & Tricks)

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Building a house from scratch can be a bit daunting but there are simple steps that can guide you through to becoming a small house design master!  Of course you can check out my first in a series of CottageCore build videos and keep these 5 tips in mind when you go to start your house!

  1. Start with the foundation. I always recommend placing a foundation of odd numbers. For instance 13 x 13. Odd numbers mean that a standard A-line roof will have a one-block peak at the top. A one-block peak means you can add all kinds of interesting décor on the apex of your roof.
  2. Remember to add lots of dimensions. By this I mean putting some of the outside walls in the forefront. For instance in this build I have brought the doorframe out one block further than the wall that frames the window.
  3. Texturize your walls using at least 2 blocks that are similar in color. The easiest for this is to use stone with stone brick or cement with powdered cement. These colors and textures always look amazing together and once you’re comfortable with that you can easily branch out to more adventurous textures and colors.
  4. When lost on what to do with a roof, when in doubt used stair blocks. You can add a lovely frame to the sides of your house by placing an upside-down stair block with another stair block right-side up. This will give you a pretty trim to your roof and then you can put stair blocks all the way across your house to build a standard roof.
  5. Finally, if you want a house that has more than 2 rooms, then I suggest building a frame on the ground that has all your room plotted out, put your furniture in it first and then worry about the roof last.

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