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Minecraft 1.17 New Blocks – Part 1

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Minecraft 1.17, known as the Adventurers Update is coming soon. The snapshot is out and we can already see some of the new blocks we can look forward to! In this new update for Minecraft they have a whole host of features planned. Including the cave updates, goats and other interesting creatures! If you haven’t seen it already you should check out the Minecraft caves and cliffs video.

It’s going to be such a cool update, combined with the recent nether update we can’t wait to mix and match all of the new materials we have.

New Blocks for Building

Block of Amethyst

This is a new block that you can craft from 4 amethyst shards, creating a pretty awesome looking purple block.


Calcite is another new block you can obtained underground. It looks similar to diorite, so keep a keen eye out for it!

Tinted Glass

Tinted glass is a new block that doesn’t allow light to go through it, this is super useful for a lot of builds. This has to be crafted using with a glass block placed in the middle of 4 amethyst shards.

Copper Ore

Copper ore is a new type of ore you can find underground, it acts similar to previous ores and it also is found inside the large ore veins which have been added in 1.17. This new copper ore can be used to craft a few new blocks in addition to the copper block.

The new blocks that are craft-able using copper ore are as follows:

  • New Copper Block
  • Copper Stairs
  • Copper Slab
  • Weathered Copper Block (this comes in three stages of weathering)
  • Weathered Copper Stairs
  • Weather Copper Slabs

The weathered blocks are particularly interesting as they can have three different ages. With the final age resulting in a green patina. This is a perfect addition to the game as it has a similar look to prismarine which can be difficult to get hold of.

You can also use honeycomb on copper to wax it, effectively protecting it from becoming aged.

Hopefully this weathered copper block will allow us to easily obtain another color for the roof of a building.

Lightning Rod

The lightning rod is crafted from 3 copper ingots and can catch nearby lightning strikes, which protects flammable buildings from catching fire.


Candles can be crafted using 1 string and 1 honeycomb. There are multiple places you can now use Honeycomb, making it more worthwhile in your adventures.

Powder Snow

 Powder snow is an awesome new block that you can use for booby traps! Players will fall through them, similar to the way they fall through cobwebs, just a lot faster. This allows you to make traps and pits to catch your friends!

Clay Pot

This pot is really cool and adds another layer of decoration to your builds. You can even make this clay pot into a painted clay pot by lighting a fire underneath it and effectively “firing” the pot.

Azalea Roots, Leaves, Saplings and Hanging Azalea Roots

A new kind of tree that is available in Minecraft?!? Nice! The Azalea tree is part of the lush underground cave system. This will add a variety of new items to the game, including the usual suspects of leaves, saplings and leaves. Another block that the Azalea adds is the Azalea Roots. A block that looks similar to dirt, but has these small roots of the Azalea showing, which is a very cool concept.

This is part one of our new block series! In the second article we will cover the rest of the blocks and then in part three we will show you some pretty nifty little build tips with all of these new items in Minecraft 1.17.

Author Lynqoid
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