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Minecraft: 1.16.5 mcMMO Automatic Acrobatics Grinder!

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Minecraft: 1.16.5 mcMMO Automatic Acrobatics Grinder!

mcMMO Acrobatics

The acrobatics skill for the Minecraft plugin mcMMO is very useful because it provides a roll chance to fall damage and dodge chance to incoming attacks.  Leveling acrobatics can be fairly easy but it’s one I like to level up quickly to avoid any unnecessary deaths! Any height 4 blocks or greater will contribute xp towards acrobatics.  The amount of xp gained is based on the amount of incoming fall damage. Therefore the higher you fall the more xp you gain.



Dodging gives the player a chance to avoid any incoming combat damage.  It starts with a 0.025% chance at level 1 and scales up to 20% chance at level 800.


Rolling is a passive skill that has a chance to activate simply by taking fall damage. It can mitigate up to three and half hearts of damage when activated.  Roll starts with a 0.1% at level 1 and scales all the way to a 100% chance at acrobatics level 1000.  ‘Graceful’ roll is the active version of the roll skill and doubles the chance of success as well as doubling the reduction of incoming fall damage.  This active version of the skill can be triggered by holding ‘shift’ and can mitigate up to 7 hearts worth of damage from falling.

Maximizing XP Gain

Maximizing the XP gain requires you wearing boots with the ‘feather falling I’ enchantment.  Although its suppose to double xp gain regardless of level of enchant, depending on how high the enchant is; you can actually lower the amount of xp gained due to damage mitigation.   For example, a 4 block drop with no boots will give you 504 xp and when you where boots with feather falling II you’ll receive 864xp and a chance to receive up to a half a heart of damage.   The issue is when you are wearing feather falling IV boots is it mitigates the damage so much you end up only receiving 432 xp from a 4 block drop. Which is less xp than you receive having no enchanted boots.  So to optimize your time and food supply I would suggest wearing ‘feather falling II’ or ‘III’ boots when grinding levels for acrobatics.

Acrobatics Grinders!

Classic Acrobatics Tower

One of the most popular ways to grind levels for acrobatics in mcMMO is to make what is referred to as an ‘Acro Tower.’   These tend to be a series of drops in a row with and easy way back to the top.  They can be a very effective way to manually level acrobatics, but you’ll have to count for 3 seconds between each drop to avoid the xp gain delay built into mcMMO.

Automatic Acrobatics Tower

Creating an automatic acrobatics tower can be a bit tricky due to mcMMO anti-AFK exploitation system. This systems checks to make sure a user hasn’t teleported, enderpearled or landed in the same spot within the last 50 drops. Disabling this ‘Anti Exploit’ system can be done if you are the server owner or admin.   You can do this by going into the config file named experience.yml and turning the value to ‘false’ under “ExploitFix: Acrobatics:”

Instead of taking the easy route, I decided to make a massive train of Acrobatics towers with automatically timed drops and an advanced water elevator piston system to push AFK players through the course.  Accomplishing this feat took making a course with over 50 unique places to drop the player to avoid triggering the ‘Anti Exploit’ system.   Additionally each drop has to be at least 3 seconds after the last one to avoid an xp cooldown.  I made each drop 7 blocks high and wore feather falling II to reduce damage which ended up giving me 2,880 xp per drop with a chance to take a half heart of damage.


Inconclusion automatic acrobatic grinders work but are better suited for servers with ‘Anti-Exploit’ toggled off.  They pay of you get for building a massive train of 50+ drops isn’t worth it in the long run.  In my opinion the best method is the traditional acrobatics tower plus ‘feather falling II’ or ‘III’ boots. Granted you would technique receive more xp using ‘feather falling I’ but would spend more food doing so.  If food isn’t an issue go ahead and use ‘feather falling I’ boots to maximize xp received.  I find I optimize my time more wearing ‘feather falling II’ boots since I can grind levels longer with the food in my inventory.  Whatever your preference is, grinding it should be relatively easy with the right boots and a finger on the ‘shift’ key. 😀

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