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How to unlock the Fennec in Rocket League!

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How to get the Fennec in Rocket League!

The Fennec is fast becoming the most popular car in Rocket League. In this article I will show you all the different ways to unlock the Fennec so you can start using it and climbing the Rocket League ranks in style!

So to unlock the Fennec you need to either unlock a blueprint with 500/700 credits depending on if it is a painted or standard version, buy it from the store or trade with someone on your platform.

Unlock the Fennec with ‘Blueprints’

The first thing to do is check your inventory to see if you have a Fennec blueprint. To do this you need to go to your Garage > Manage Inventory > Blueprint Tab (2nd tab across) > Click show filters and search for the ‘Fennec’ in the search bar.

If you have one it will appear directly under the search bar. Once you click it you will be able to unlock it. It will be 500 credits for the standard version as seen in the picture or it will be 700 credits for a painted version.

Unlock the Fennec in the store

Don’t worry if you don’t have a blueprint as there are other ways to get one. Another good way to get the Fennec is to check the Item Shop daily (this is how I got my first Fennec). 

The Item Shop varies day to day with what is for sale. Sometimes it’s just goal explosions or wheels but sometimes it can be a car. So keep checking and you might get lucky! The prices to buy then Fennec are the same as unlocking the blueprint. 500 for the standard and 700 for the painted version. 

Be sure to use code ‘successfulgeezer’ in the item shop if you do buy anything 🙂 

Unlock the Fennec by trading

If you want a Fennec as soon as possible then the last way you can get it is by trading. 

Firstly, you’ll need to find out how much the Fennec you want is selling for. To do so head to this website: You’ll need to select your platform (Xbox, Playstation, PC) and then search for the ‘Fennec’

This will show you all the current prices (prices fluctuate all the time) for all colours of Fennec.

So now you know how much the Fennec you want is, you need to find someone to trade with. To do this head to:

Once there you need to select what item you want, in this case the Fennec, then select what colour you want as well as what platform you are on. Note that you can’t trade cross platforms.

Once you click ‘Apply Filter’ there will be a lot of different people selling the Fennec and because you know the current value of the Fennec you want you will not get ripped off. 

Scroll down until you find one that is a good price and then click ‘chat’. 

You then need to negotiate a price with the seller and then arrange to meet them within Rocket League to trade. Make sure they put the correct item in before clicking accept and then you should have yourself a Fennec!

If you would like to see what the best decals are for the Fennec this video will showcase a few of my favourites.

Thank you for reading and I hope this helps you get your dream Rocket League car set up!

Author successfulgeezer
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