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How To Get Credits In Rocket League!

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I am frequently asked on my Twitch stream ‘How do I unlock credits in rocket league?’. Most of you might know the first and basic way to get them but I also want to tell you a way to earn credits without actually spending any cold hard cash.

What Are Credits?

Credits are an in-game currency within Rocket League very similar to Fortnite V-Bucks or Call of Duty COD Points.

Credits are used to unlock decals, cars, wheels, the Rocket Pass and more. Basically, if you want to make your Rocket League journey more stylish, you are going to need credits!

How to get credits Rocket League?

Credits are Rocket League’s main way of making money now that it has gone free to play, so it’s no surprise that you have to pay to unlock them. Credits do give you some awesome cosmetics in the game though, so I recommend having a look. It also helps to support the game going forward.

To buy credits simply go to the item shop and then in the bottom left corner it will say buy credits, select that and then the prices will pop up for you there. The more you buy the cheaper they get. 

How To Earn Better Items Without Spending Money?

The times we are in at the minute, money can be scarce, so I want to show you how to earn better items within Rocket League without spending any money and then where to trade those items for credits.

As most of you probably know you get random items for playing Rocket League and there are a bunch of ingame rewards and crates you can unlock to get free stuff.
A lot of these items are useless and don’t look that good so are essentially pointless. But I will show you a way to turn these items into much, much, much better stuff!

First of all, go to the Garage on the main Rocket League menu.

Then go down to manage inventory. 

Once you are in your inventory it will say ‘Show Filters’ in the top right corner. Click that and then open the Quality drop-down menu and select Uncommon.

Now all your uncommon items will pop up, from here you need to select 1 you don’t want and then it will pop up with a trade-in menu and you need to select 4 more (total of 5 items) items you don’t want. 

Once you have clicked accept it will destroy these 5 items and give you 1 item of a higher rarity. So if I destroy 5 uncommons, I will get 1 rare item.

This can be done all the way up the tier list to Black Market items! So once you trade in 5 rare items you will get 1 very rare and continue with Imports, Exotics and finally Black Market items.

Once you get to the Import level of rarity the items can start to be worth a lot on the Rocket League trading market. For example, if you get a Crimson Fennec that could be worth 3000+ credits on the market. 

As you keep playing Rocket League you can continue to unlock items and keep trading them up to earn yourself more and more credits. 

How Much Are Your Items Worth? 

Once you have a bunch of traded up items, you need to find out how much they are worth, to do this go to RL Insider ( . This is a website where you can select your platform and search for your individual items and see how much they are worth. The prices on the Rocket League market are constantly changing so this website is a great place to see how much you should be selling your items for.

Simply type in an item and it will show you the price for all possible versions of that item.

I am going to have another video and article about the trading side of things very soon to show you how that all works.

Thank you so much for reading and I hope this helps you unlock awesome items in Rocket League!

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