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How to make smooth stone in Minecraft

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How to make smooth stone in Minecraft is super easy. You just put cobblestone into a furnace to get stone. Then you take the stone and put that into a furnace to get the smooth stone. For more info on smooth stone don’t forget to check out

The cool thing about smooth stone is all of the awesome patterns and designs you can make with it. Smooth stone can be made into slabs which gives you a little bit of versatility with it. One great use for it is in machines. It has the slightly darker edge around it which lays out a nice grid. Being able to quickly see a sort of grid when building complex Redstone machines can help a lot.

Smooth Stone Designs

Another cool use for smooth stone is when you are designing a cavern or path. It can be used sparingly to compliment the greys of a cavern. Using it in conjunction with a cobblestone wall makes a pretty cool looking rock hanging from the roof of a cavern.

Finally, smooth stone is used to great effect on roofs too. Because it has slabs you can add some dimensionality to the structure. It also makes it possible to add some nice overhangs and peaks to the roof as well.

I hope you enjoyed our quick video on making smooth stone and don’t forget to share your Minecraft in the comments below, on twitter or over on our subreddit.

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