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How To Install RLCraft – Minecraft

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In this post, we’ll learn how to install RLCraft. RLCraft is a fantasy ModPack created by Shivaxi. So when installing you want to look for the Modpack that says something like RLCraft Shivaxi. If you want to see more of our RL Craft videos, then feel free to check them out.

There are multiple ways to install RLCraft, the Twitch launcher, the Technic launcher and manually. I’m not going to cover the manual process as it’s just unnecessarily tedious compared to the other ways of installing RLCraft.

Installing RLCraft using the Twitch Launcher

This should be the easiest way to install RLCraft, as long as the Twitch launcher is working correctly, as I have had issues in the past. The issues just require you to wait and try again later generally. Once it is working it’s very simple. One thing to note about the Twitch version is that it can sometimes be behind compared to the Technic launcher. This isn’t always the case, but it’s just something to take note of.

  • Go here and download the Twitch App for Windows
  • Open the Twitch Launcher and navigate to mods at the top.
  • Click on Minecraft.
  • Click Browse Modpacks.
  • In the search bar at the top right, type RLCraft (no space).
  • Hover over the RLCraft image and click install.
  • Once it has installed, go back to mods, click Minecraft.
  • Then click Play and you will be able to play RLCraft, yay!

How To Install RLCraft Without Twitch – Use The Technic Launcher

The Technic launcher is very easy to use, but you will need to login and logout of it every so often if you use another launcher. For example the official Minecraft Launcher. Follow the instructions below to get RLCraft to install using the Technic Launcher. One thing to note with the Technic launcher is that you will need to increase your memory.

  • Go here and scroll down, then install the Technic Launcher from the links below.
  • Once installed, click MODPACKS at the top.
  • In the top left, search for Shivaxi RLCraft
  • Click on Shivaxi RLCraft and click install down the bottom right.
  • Once installed, you will then be able to click Play.

With both of these installations, the game will still take a long time to load correctly. Just be patient and it will load. If you need any further information on installing RLCraft then check out the video above as it is a lot easier to follow.

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