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How to Get Unlimited Nether Trees, Fungi & Plants

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Hello Minecraft Maniacs, it’s The Frog Queen here and today we’re going to be working with one my favorite blocks. Yes, today we are talking all about Nylium, the loveable, colorful block added to Minecraft in the 1.16 nether update. However, many people still don’t know just how useful this block is and many of the early tutorials and farms involving this blocks are now out of date. So I’m going to show you my latest and greatest tips & tricks as of the most recent Minecraft Update, 1.16.4. I am going to change your Minecraft experience with three simple nylium tips which will guarantee you unlimited Warped & Crimson Wood with all the little lovely fungi & nether plants that go with it.  This article will show you how to do this with 3 separate farming techniques that any novice can pull off.

Tip #1: You can get more nylium with bonemeal!

With this simple piece of information, you will never have to brave the ferocious Warped and Crimson Forest ever again! Just that one initially exploration and moment of bravery needed. You have to locate a crimson forest, and a warped forest, grab ONE PIECE of the colorful nylium from each forest using a Silk Touch Pickaxe and high-tail it out of there. You can produce unlimited nylium simply by setting a piece of regular netherrack next to the nylium and putting one piece of bonemeal on top of the netherrack ! That will turn your regular netherrack into the nylium it is currently sitting next to. Then simply use a Silk Touch Pickaxe to pick up the block!

Automatic nylium farm? Almost!

Now you don’t want to sit there and spend forever turning netherrack to nylium! How boring! This is the Queen talking so of course we are going to automate as much of this as we can and make the process a little faster.

The easiest way to do this is using 1 Observer, 1 dispenser and a couple pieces of redstone just like the images below. This is completely uncomplicated redstone, where the nylium is used to conductor power between the observer and the dispenser. You’ll also notice that the nylium transfers to the netherrack even while the original piece is sitting at a diagonal.  It doesn’t need to be touching the netherrack side by side. 

If you’re playing Java, you want to place the netherrack in your off hand and the Silk Touch in your regular hand. Simply spam back and forth between left and right click on your mouse. Now of course you’ll find yourself stopping here and there to walk around and pick up your blocks which will fling randomly in each direction after breaking the blocks. But you can create a simply network of hoppers and minecart hoppers with chests under the area to catch the blocks. However, that will run you a good bit of iron and we’re trying to be bare bones here. 

IMPORTANT: Do not put Efficiency enchantments on your Silk Touch Pickaxe.

Adding Efficiency to any pickaxe will cause the block to break too quickly and often times the observer will not have time to catch the block update causing the bonemeal dispenser’s failure to trigger.

So now you’ve learned how to create more nylium but guess what else you can create? Remember at the beginning of the article I promised unlimited fungi and nether plants? Time for Tip #2. 

Tip #2: You can bonemeal the nylium to make fungi & nether plants!

Simply by placing bonemeal on the nylium you will cause fungi and nether plants alike to grow!  Of course, it wouldn’t be any fun if we had to sit there all day doing it all by ourselves. No, for this we can build a fully automatic fungi making machine! 


How it works: Here is a little game mechanics information first for those who want to understand how this farm works. This farm uses a zero tick pulse made from two observers looking directly at each other, passing a signal back and forth. When the Observer attached to the dispenser catches that signal, it will trigger the dispenser. The Dispenser repeatedly fires bonemeal on the nylium from the bottom of the block which will cause the fungi and nether plants to grow. A third observer will be looking directly at the top of the nylium and update every time plants grow. The observer will send a pulse to a piston which will break the plants. The plants will then be collected by a hopper and sent into a chest below.

Finished Automated Nether Plant Farm

Step 1: Place a dispenser with the mouth facing upwards and put an observer next to it facing you. Then place another observer looking directly into the initial observer and you will hear the dispenser fire repeatedly. Break the 2nd observer and save it for later.

Step 1a. Dispenser & Observer

Step 1b. Dispenser with two Observers looking at each other

Step 2: Place a Warped or Crimson nylium block on top of the dispenser. You will need to hold shift in order to do this. 

Nylium on top of Dispenser

Step 3: Place one temporary block on top of the first observer and then place another observer directly on top of the temporary block with it’s face looking at the nylium. 

Observer Looking at Nylium

Step 4: Put down any 4 building blocks around the nylium as shown below.

Step 5: Place the piston facing one side of the nylium as shown and place a lever on the block directly under the piston. Use this to turn the machine on and off. 

Step 5a. Piston facing nylium

Step 5b. Lever under piston

Step 6: Now connect the piston and observer with redstone dust as shown.

Redstone connecting Observer & piston

Step 7: Place a chest at the bottom of the farm, on the other side of the nylium with a hopper going directly into the chest. You will need to hold shift in order to do this. 

Hopper on top of chest

Step 8: Encase the top half of the farm in glass as show to ensure you don’t lose any plants as they will break off and go in random directions.

Head-on view of glass encasing

View from above farm with glass casing.

Step 9: Time to put the 2nd observer back into the mix by placing it at the bottom looking directly at the first observer.  Fill the dispenser with bonemeal.

Now you are done! You can of course encase this entire contraption in a creative way to blend it into your beautiful home.

AND FINALLY, now that you have all that nylium and fungi, you can make trees. Which brings us to the 3rd and final tip.

Tip #3: You can bonemeal warped and crimson fungi to make trees!

Simply place the fungi on the corresponding nylium (Warped fungi on warped nylium, crimson fungi on crimson nylium) and bonemeal it!  The trees will grow at randomized sizes and sometimes it does take more than one piece of bonemeal to grow the tree. 

Now you can use any tree farm to partially automate the growing and destruction of these trees but for me, this is the one of the few resources in minecraft that I still harvest manually. Tree farms in my opinion are not very effective. I have always felt that its faster to just take them down from the top with a high efficiency hatchet. Not to mention that the change with the hoe in the nether update has made dismantling the leaves sooo much faster. So, make yourself a diamond or netherite hoe and give it an Efficiency V enchantment. I like to call this hoe “A Hoe With the Know” and bam, you are in the nether tree business. You can flex on all the new players on your favorite server and sell them that sweet nether supplies for all kinds of goodies. 

So what is the one thing you suddenly realized you need after learning all this? An automatic composter because you need A LOT OF BONEMEAL! ALL of that Warped and Wart Block from the trees will go straight into the composter and keep you in bonemeal permanently! Kelp farms are a thing of the past. This is a self-sustaining system! 

BONUS FARM: Automatic Composter

This is one of the first things you should build when you get some iron and set up your homestead. This is so simple it really doesn’t require much explanation at all. Simply place the items starting at the bottom and placing each item on top of the last. Chest then hopper going into chest. Then compost on top of hopper. Then hopper pointing into composter and then finally a chest on top of the hopper. Remember you will have to hold shift to place items on top of chests and hoppers.  Now you simply dump all your unwanted plant material, included the Wart Blocks and Warped Blocks from the trees. They will be converted automatically into bonemeal! This is also fabulous for making Bone Blocks.. one of my other favorite building materials.

Author thefrogqueen
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