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How to Get Twitch Channel Points Fast!

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What Are Channel Points?

Channel points are a channel specific ‘currency’ that can be used to interact with streams in various ways. Having more means you can interact with the stream more often so we’re going to teach you how to get Twitch channel points fast! Depending on what the streamer has added you can do anything from: 

  • unlocking sub emotes
  • reminding your favourite streamer to stay hydrated
  • play sounds on stream
  • cause gifs or videos to appear on stream
  • much more!

Each channel has their own channel points and you can only spend those channel points at that stream, they are non-transferable. Most channels will customise their channel points with a unique name and icon. As an example, my channel points are called ‘Nutz Buckz’. Your channel points can be found on the bottom left corner of the chat window. 

How to Get Channel Points

Getting channel points is simple. All you need to do is watch the stream and you will accrue channel points over time. By default you get 10 points per 5 minutes of watching. In addition to this, a chest will spawn every 15 minutes you are actively watching which can be collected by clicking on it. This grants a bonus 50 points. 

Following a streamer is worth 300 points and joining a raid grants you 250 points. The last way to gain bonus channel points is through watching consecutive streams. Watching two streams in a row grants a bonus 300 points but you have to have watched both streams for at least 10 minutes. Three streams in a row iw worth 350, four in a row is 400 and five in a row is… you guessed it, 450 bonus points.

Subscribing and Bit Donations

The best way to get channel points fast is by donating bits, subscribing and gifting subs.

Subscribers get a bonus multiplier to all channel points depending on the tier of their sub. Tier one subs receive a 1.2x multiplier, tier two subs get a 1.5x multiplier and tier three subs gain a 2x bonus to all channel points.

Gifting a subscription will result in 500 bonus points once every 30 days. Donating bits to the streamer will earn channel points and your first cheer every 30 days will give you an additional 350 points.

Auto-Collect Chests With BTTV

The best free way to get channel points fast is through BetterTTV. BTTV has an option to auto collect that can be turned on via the settings. There are other browser extensions that can do this for you too but honestly BTTV is so good I think everyone should have it anyway. BTTV is a browser extension that enhances Twitch in many ways. We won’t go into too much detail here as that would be a whole other article! However, one of the many features BTTV offers is the ability to auto-collect the chests that pop up every 15 minutes meaning you’ll maximise your points per hour! 

Many streamers will have unique rewards that are unique to them that you can redeem with your channel points. As an example, to gain access to the whitelist of my vanilla SMP Minecraft server for viewers you need to redeem a channel point reward for 1.6k channel points. We’ve got a thriving community with players online 24/7. If you’re interested in joining all you’d need to do is join us at and rack up 1.6k Nutz Buckz!

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