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How to find Bees Minecraft survival Tutorial

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Bees are one of the latest additions to Minecraft, added when Mojang and the WWF partnered up which you can read more about here. Today we are going to be showing you how easy it is to find bees in Minecraft really is. One step at a time.

Now, I know you are asking yourself “How hard can finding a bee in Minecraft be?” well, good question, but as it happens it’s quite tricky. Bees spawn in only three biomes (there are over 60 biomes currently in the game!), and those biomes are:

  • Plains Biome
  • Sunflower Plains
  • Flower Forest

Find bees in Minecraft?

Okay, so we know that bees spawn in the three biomes. Depending on your world seed that might be easy to find, or it might mean a long, long journey ahead. Once you get to these biomes, where should you bee looking? (I apologise, but if I didn’t make a single bee joke today, I would be disappointed in myself!) Well, that’s simple, on trees of course! Beehives have a 5% chance to spawn on every tree inside one of those biomes.

Beating the odds

The odds of a beehive spawning are pretty low, it can only spawn in 3 of 60 biomes. On top of that it only has a 5% chance of spawning per tree. If you want to improve your odds, we recommend skipping the Sunflower Plains and Plains biome all together and instead focusing on finding a Flower Forest, there are more trees in this biome, and more trees means more chance of beehives spawning on at least some of the trees.

Becoming a Minecraft Beekeeper

After you find your bees, you definitely won’t want to lose them! You can breed bee’s by feeding two of them, and they will create a baby bee. To do this, offer the bee any flower, alternatively, if you want to lead them to your base, or if you’re going to set up your apiary and become a master beekeeper then hold the flower in your hand and lead them back to your base. If the process of holding flowers and luring the bee’s back to your home seems tedious, then you can also use leads to have a bit more control and make sure they don’t fly off the minute you turn around.

If you want more information on bees, check out our comprehensive bee guide, all the information there will make you a busy bee in your next Minecraft world!

Author Lynqoid
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