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How to build a fantasy medieval house in Minecraft

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Where to live!

Learn how to build a fantasy medieval house in Minecraft with this easy to follow guide and video! The first step is to decide if you want to live above ground, which can be dangerous as creepers might sneak into your base or if you want to live in the side of a mountain or in a cave.

Building your house above ground means you can expand very easily and develop your base as you acquire more building materials. You can also create a house that shows off your build skills.

Living underground means you only need to hollow out a small space which is extremely quick. Expansion can be frustrating as you need to hollow out a section of rock each time. Also, there is the downside of not being able to show off your build skills to your friends. Unless you are really good and build interiors.

Personally, I like to start in a small cave house until I have collected all the items I need to build a cool base above ground.

Choosing your build style in Minecraft

Choosing the style of your house can be tricky. You might want to build a modern house, or maybe you prefer an easy to build a base that is created from purely logs and wood, or maybe you want a fantasy build.

A modern house is certainly a good option, Minecraft now has concrete blocks that are perfect for that, but that can be very time-consuming. The fantasy build probably uses a mixture of wood, stone, and logs. All things that are easy to collect.

Most fantasy builds will probably suit most playstyles as a majority of servers are fantasy or RPG driven.

The fantasy medieval house

The house featured in this build tutorial is very easy to make if you would like another style of build. The style of the house is somewhere between a Tudor house and a Viking house. All the structural pillars are made from dark oak logs and the walls are stripped birch logs sat on a foundation of stone bricks with spruce flooring. The battlements and roof trimmings are made from stone brick with a spruce finish. This gives the house a warm feel and the lanterns coupled with the spruce trapdoors really bring the whole construction together. The final touch to make the house blend nicely with nature is a trim of oak leaves. I like to add them around the base of the house and up the sides of the tower.

Building materials

This tutorial uses a lot of varied materials, I would recommend getting used to using them as they are common for medieval builds. Especially materials like Spruce Trap Doors and Dark Oak Logs, as they give the build a nice rustic look.

Build layout

The layout of this build is easier to follow below, but the main idea is to set up a solid outline with your Dark Oak Logs as pillars. Once you have completed the pillars then fill the walls in with stripped birch. The stripped birch gives a really nice contrast to the pillars.

If you follow the video you will be able to build this base in your survival world.

Author Lynqoid
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