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5 Minecraft Blocks Mojang Should Give us Before 1.17 Update

by on .

If you are as obsessed with Minecraft as I am, then you are also likely salivating and foaming at the mouth waiting for the Caves and Cliffs Update to hit us. Snapshots are nice and all but they really are just a flirty tease to the serious Minecrafter. Even if we get the 1.17 update as early as we did with 2020’s Nether Update (arguably the only decent thing to happen at all in 2020) we are all, still stuck waiting a few month right now. All this update mania has actually got me thinking about what Mojang could do for us die hard fans till then. So I decided to put together my top 5 MOST WANTED MINECRAFT BLOCKS. Here we go:

5. Different Color Slime Blocks – We have seen this in mods. I want to be able to dye my slime blocks and seriously Mojang, I don’t think one is too much to ask at all. Further to this, if Mojang really wanted to impress us, they could have different abilities between the different colors, like Red Slime won’t stick to Green Slime or something interesting like that. Maybe Yellow Slime just isn’t bouncy?

4. Attractive Redstone Lamps – Here we are in 1.16.4 and Redstone lamps give me the same dry heave reaction I get when I see a beautiful Minecraft home surrounded by the exposed side of grass blocks. The Lamps were added in 2012! Do we not deserve an update? I can’t make use of these bloody things despite all my best efforts. Uggo. That’s all I’ve got to say there.

3. An all-sides-grass Grass Block – This is a little personal. If you watch me build on my livestreams then you know that I absolutely abhor the humble dirt block. To me, nothing ruins a build more than having it surrounded by layers of grass blocks with their dirt all sticking out and wagging its exposed rear in your face. It’s like it’s actually taunting me. I know I’m not the only one because Hermitcraft’s Vanilla Tweaks have created their own modifier to help fix the eyesore but I put the responsibility of curing Minecraft of the dreaded dirt exposure where it belongs, on Mojang.

2. QUARTZ WALL BLOCKS – Why this doesn’t exist is a bit of a mystery to me yet it is something I have often craved. For instance, on my viewer server, I built a lovely quartz filled gazebo and I wanted a white steeple. Sadly I had to make due with some diorite and end rods. But to truly create a beautiful steeple, I would need quartz wall blocks, topped with an end rod and topped with an iron bar. Imagine how our Victorian builds would look with quartz wall blocks?! If only!

1. CONCRETE SLABS!! My god, just make the stonecutter have this functionality. I can’t explain to you how many times I have sat in front of a stonecutter near in tears weeping, repeating “If only I could make slabs! If ONLY!” Mojang, I’m looking at you and I’m begging. Give me concrete slabs.

Yes I KNOW that part of the Minecraft experience is the challenge of working with what you got and being creative with those pieces to create the masterpiece in your minds eye but for the love of all that I want 2021 to be… please give me concrete slabs.

Author thefrogqueen
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