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10 Easy Minecraft Lights

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Hello Minecraft Maniacs!  Today I’m going to show you my Top 10 Easy Minecraft Lights that work in any edition of the game, Bedrock, Java, and Pocket Edition. You can easily adapt each of these designs to fit into your own interior or exterior build by adding your own personal flare. Customize these designs in any way that you feel works best for you. These are just ideas to get you started. You can treat them as templates that you can embellish and personalize in anyway you want! Let’s get started:

Lamp #1 is made with 6 Birch Fence Posts, 1 Wool Block, 4 Banners and 1 Lantern. This lamp is an excellent replacement to the standard light post you often see in Minecraft Towns. This will really dress up your pathways and streets. I prefer the minimalistic look but you could add banners with patterns and gradients. Play with color and different kinds of wood!

Lamp #2 requires 3 to 4 Blackstone wall blocks, a Hopper, a Sea Lantern and 4 panes of White Stained Glass. This is a slightly more expensive model to build in Survival Mode because you’ll be making a trip to the nether to gather Black Stone as well as into the sea to find a Sea Lantern. This is of course completely customizable. Easy to change the wall blocks and the glass you’re using!

Lamp #3 requires 3 Oak Fence Posts, 4 Oak Signs, 1 Hopper, 1 Campfire. This looks particularly good in a medival build! I also use this to light islands almost like a tiki torch. You can of course use Warped and Crimson Wood for a very exotic look and a Soul Campire. That blue flame really brings a fantasy build to life.

Lamp #4 requires 4 Iron Bars, 3 Stained Glass Panes, and 4 Soulfire Lanterns. For this you simply build an pole with the iron bars and on each 4 sides you will place a Glass Pane. This pole looks great in smaller builds. It’s more delicate and you can easily turn it into a tall candelabra by removing the Lanterns and placing End Rods on top of the Glass Panes. Much like this next light.

Lamp #5 requires 1 Iron Bar plus however many you would need to suspend it from the ceiling. You could also use chain to suspend it. Then 4 Stained Glass Panes, and 4 End Rods. This always looks so elegant indoors!  I use this in grand halls, dining rooms, living rooms and any room that I was to take up a notch into the classy zone.

Lamp #6 requires 6 Oak Fence Posts, 1 Sea Lantern and 4 Banners. White really pops on this one which is essentially an alternative to our very first street lamp. Play around with the banners, maybe replace the Sea Lantern with a ShroomLight or Glowstone.

Lamp #7 requires 2 Oak Fence Posts, 4 Oak Signs and 1 Lantern. This is perfect for a rustic look but can easily be adapted into a modern room as well. You can suspend these directly from the ceiling or the wall as I have done here.

Lamp #8 is possibly the simplest of designs. It requires just 1 End Rod and 1 Iron Bar. You have likely seen many people use End Rods as candles and well all that will change this summer when the Caves and Cliffs update comes out and gives us Candles for the first time ever in Minecraft!

Lamp #9 is another design that been loved by many a Minecrafter for a long time! This requires just 1 End Rod and 4 Turtles Eggs. This loveable little lamp looks fabulous in a modern room. Put it on a bedside table or a cozy reading corner.

Lamp #10 is my very favorite and something only achievable after you’ve beaten the dragon! This requires 1 Dragon Egg and 1 Sea Lantern but you could also replace the Sea Lantern with a Shroomlight or Glowstone. Again, it’s your build and you can adapt any of these ideas to fit your personality! (Do you see that creeper in that screenshot!?)

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