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PROTECT against hate raids – block hate raid with SINGLE button!

Twitch is currently dealing with it’s own pandemic – and that is hate raids. Targeting mostly black and marginalised creators – these scripted bot attacks of racial and offensive slurs have swept across the platform like a plague and something must be done. As well as using the native Twitch commands, to … Continue reading →


How to guide – adding stream end credits for free!

Are you looking to build hype towards the end of a stream for a raid or looking for a way to thank all the participants (new followers, chatters etc) with a bit of hollywood end credits style? Well with stream credits you can do both! You can setup and customise an end … Continue reading →


Add stream captions in 3 quick steps – Twitch accessibility and OBS

In just a few quick steps you can add captions to your Twitch stream, making it more accessible and attracting new viewers. Captions can help many people: Those with hearing difficulties International viewers whose main language may not be English Those lurkers who may be at work or are unable to hear … Continue reading →


How to move on after a bad stream?

If you are reading this just after finishing your stream and you’ve been not feeling good then go take a break. Come back after and we can chat. It’s ok. Firstly, what can feel like a bad stream can happen to anyone, regardless of how long they have been streaming, whichever game … Continue reading →


How to talk to yourself on stream?

Now they say talking to yourself is one of the first signs of madness… but it is a skill one needs to develop if they are planning to become a streamer, or in fact any type of content creator. Once you start to establish a community this can become easier as you … Continue reading →

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