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Vanilla Minecraft

Vanilla Minecraft uses no mods, modpacks, but might be using Datapacks or Resource packs. Enjoy our Vanilla Minecraft content.


Minecraft 1.16 Nether Update Base Build

In this video, I built a nether base on the side of the cliff. Using the new Warped and Crimson materials I built the top house to look like it belonged in the nether (sort of) Then underneath I built a base to make you feel like you were back home in … Continue reading →


How to install shaderpacks for Minecraft (PC)

I am very frequently asked on stream what shaders I am using to make the game look so good/ realistic. So I thought I’d put together a quick article and video on how to install shaderpacks for Minecraft to help you guys make your game look better too. Note: shaderpacks only work … Continue reading →


How to install OptiFine for Minecraft (PC)

This is my super quick no-nonsense guide on how to install OptiFine for Minecraft, PC version. OptiFine is a Minecraft optimization mod which allows Minecraft to run faster and look better with full support for HD textures and many configuration options. Optifine is fantastic and so simple to install – so this will … Continue reading →


How to build a fantasy medieval house in Minecraft

Where to live! Learn how to build a fantasy medieval house in Minecraft with this easy to follow guide and video! The first step is to decide if you want to live above ground, which can be dangerous as creepers might sneak into your base or if you want to live in … Continue reading →


Buzzy Bees Update – Minecraft Survival Guide

Mojang has released the stable version of 1.15 which brings with it a whole host of great new things for us to play with and explore. One of the main features of this update is Buzzy Bees! Yes, you heard me, we can now find bees in Minecraft, along with their nests … Continue reading →


Minecraft Texture Pack: Texture Craft by Katalijst

In this Minecraft Texture Pack review, I go over Texture Craft by Katalijst. A nice clean texture pack with some very cool additions. In particular, there are some …


Minecraft: Survival House Tutorial (Oak Only)

Hi guys, in this video I show you how to make a survival house in Minecraft. It’s a quick little tutorial using only oak, so it’s super easy to build! Start by building the …


How to find Bees Minecraft survival Tutorial

Bees are one of the latest additions to Minecraft, added when Mojang and the WWF partnered up which you can read more about here. Today we are going to be showing you how easy it is to find bees in Minecraft really is. One step at a time. Now, I know you … Continue reading →


How to get Honeycomb in Minecraft

Getting Honeycomb in Minecraft can be a little bit tricky, but if you know the right tricks the bees will provide you with endless honey. Mmmm tasty! For everything …


How to make smooth stone in Minecraft

How to make smooth stone in Minecraft is super easy. You just put cobblestone into a furnace to get stone. Then you take the stone and put that into a furnace to get the smooth stone. For more info on smooth stone don’t forget to check out The cool thing about … Continue reading →

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